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About Ursula

With 12 years of experience creating content for different platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram for personal/professional use (hence UGC), it is time to turn it to brands. My goal is to help brands unleash the full potential of short-form video content, driving engagement, and converting viewers into loyal customers. You might not have the time to create content but that is where I come in.

Together, we can create impactful campaigns that resonate with your target customers and drive meaningful results. Whether it's raising awareness, increasing engagement, or driving conversions, I am dedicated to delivering content that align with your brand's purpose.

My Work

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Who do I work with?

Mainly brands in the following industries: Lifestyle, home & decor, family & kids (6 months, 9 and 10 years old), health & wellness, fashion & beauty. However it is not limited to industry, but how confident we BOTH feel that our collaboration will be successful after we have a consultation or after I review your proposal.

Category examples

Day in the life, vlog style, unboxing, talk to camera/audience, voice overs, product placement, product review, scripted.

Why UGC?

UGC provides endorsements directly from real-life users, which helps brands gain customers’ trust. That kind of social proof is powerful.

A Brightlocal study found that almost half (46%) of consumers trust online business reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family.

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Viral potential
  • Brand loyalty
  • Social proof
  • Authenticity


Please note, I work on a project basis and the following rates are standard to most projects. However they can change depending on the complexity of the content and/or creative process.

I do not charge usage rights fees.

  • Whitelisting/Spark Ads (Per month) = 30% of Base Rate
  • Raw Footage (in addition to finished project) = 50% of Base Rate
  • Additional Hook/CTA Variation = $50

Please email for picture only rates.

Single Videos

Up to 30 seconds

  • Sitting Testimonial
  • Unboxing / Review
  • Lifestyle / Vlogging
  • Selfie Style
  • Viral Content Trends

Please email for videos longer than 30 seconds.







Video series, several projects.

  • 5 videos = 10% off
  • 10 videos = 15% off

Need content on TikTok every day?

  • Uploaded directly for you to DRAFTS with relevant keywords.
  • Limited spots - 3 available

30 videos (1 month of content) = $5,500

Please email for 3+ month contracts


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